Food Chart: A Teacher For Healthy Life

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A food nutrition chart sets in the brief and right guidelines for consuming the right kind of food, in the right amount, at the right time. This is the best way of keeping healthy and staying away from diseases. Reading the food chart and following it constantly helps you to keep in your mind your gender, height, body mass index and the amount of physical labor and activities you perform. This helps in adjusting the time and quantity of food consumed, thus maintaining your body weight within limits.

Keep your eye on healthy and right type of food

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The food nutrition chart not only helps you to eat healthy, but also helps to eat the right quantities of healthy foods. The constant follow up of food nutrition chart also tells you the number of servings and the amount of food served in a single serving. All this helps you to intake only the required amount of calories, thus keeping you healthy.

One great example of the right quantity of food cited in the chart is that fruits are suggested in numbers whereas pulses and cereals in terms of number and quantum of servings. Yogurt and other nutritious liquids are suggested in terms of cups and glasses and beverages in cups. This helps every individual to know the exact amount of each of these foods to be consumed as the average size of a cup remains almost same.

Another important feature of the food nutrition chart is, it keeps us informed about foods that have a very high calorific value and are not essential for our body. Some such foods are sweets and alcohol, which most people are quite fond of. Reading the food nutrition chart helps those people to suppress the desire of eating sweets and drinking alcohol, which will only cause harm to the body.

Most food nutrition charts primarily include five groups of foods along with the correct size and number of servings so that every individual can make the correct choice of food. Although the amount of calorie intake suggested by the food chart for every meal is the same, yet it suggests a variety of food which you can choose from. This wide variety will help to prevent boredom which might otherwise arise from eating the same kind of food daily.

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